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Virtual Care Is Transforming Healthcare

Learn more about how the benefits of Virtual Care will transform the healthcare landscape.

Connecting To Patients, Made Simple

Technology has made it easier for patients/members to access care. Technology has also made it easier for providers to deliver care. That means that adding a virtual care option to your organization is not a matter of if, but when. Synzi makes it simple.

Why Use Virtual Care

Technology is transforming the timing and delivery of healthcare, giving providers, specialists, patient, and members access to better communication, increased capabilities, greater convenience, and a multi-channel approach to healthcare. 

Virtual care communications have become second nature for those who’ve adopted it, and this will only continue as more providers incorporate telehealth into their healthcare processes.

Who Benefits From Virtual Care 

The benefits of virtual care extend beyond just the patient. Advanced video technology simplifies and streamlines care for hospitals, home health agencies and health plans alike, making it easier to provide high-level care with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.


In 2018, 75% of US consumers surveyed said that technology plays an important role in managing their healthcare 

Of those consumers surveyed who have accessed healthcare virtually, 74% were satisfied with the experience.


Virtual care platforms at scale allows healthcare organizations to streamline care process to provide more impactful and more effective healthcare 

Of surveyed Healthcare Systems executives, 75% said virtual care technology has transformed behavioral healthcare, over 66% said virtual care technology transformed the standard of care for stroke, and 52% said it has transformed Primary healthcare


New CMS guidelines have increased the range of available virtual care technology services while eliminating the previously-required virtual care technology modifier GT for professional claims 

Remote Patient Monitoring Services are now able to be reimbursed under Medicare

Prioritize Communication With Virtual Care

Plans now have more flexibility to cover "non-medical" benefits while expanding services to all patients regardless of their geographic area or native language. This promotes better coordination of services, minimizes unresponsiveness, and shortens communication time for patients/members and providers alike.

Organizations That Can Benefit From Implementing Virtual Care


Health Plans

Long-term Care Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Home Health Care Agencies

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